Chanel News: Kendall Jenner’s Admired Best Boutique Is Advancing to Bloomingdales

Since 1993, What Goes About Comes About has been the de facto baton in all things vintage. Acclaimed designers like Gucci’s Alessandro Michele and Jean Paul Gaultier about boutique the store’s cavern “vault” abounding of near-priceless articles including a $25,000 brace of jeans from the 1890s, and pals Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin are accepted to accomplish the expedition to the retailer’s Soho flagship for admission to a admired accumulating of best Hermès and Chanel replica handbags. “When we started here, there was no Soho Grand, no Cipriani,” What Goes About Comes About co-founder Seth Weisser said during a contempo appointment to the store. “This abode was a flea bazaar afore we adapted it to action the best from every genre.”


Co-founders of What Goes About Comes Around, Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser

Seth and his co-founder Gerard Maione’s 23 years of adherence to the best apple accept assuredly paid off in the a lot of contempo accession to Bloomingdale’s Soho store, area What Goes About Comes About will admission a abiding shop-in-shop on the retailer’s additional attic today. While the accessories-driven boutique will cover babyish covering appurtenances and handbags from Céline and Balenciaga, about 50 to 60 precent of the commodity will be comprised of Hermès appurtenances alignment from apply adornment and watches to home appurtenances and coveted handbags, which Weisser considers the ultimate dejected dent investment. “The affluence bazaar is in fact homogenized,” Weisser said as we perused his racks. “Every store, no bulk area in the apple you are, has the aforementioned stuff. We accept a bank of replica Chanel with hundreds of accoutrements and apparel from 1994 to 2008, and sometimes you end up affairs the bag for beneath than you would in the store, with the barring of Hermès. It doesn’t charge to be a Birkin or a Kelly bag. Their articles are consistently traveling up in value.”


This affiliation with Bloomingdale’s is allotment of yet accession amplification of What Goes About Comes Around’s cardinal growth, as they are aswell aperture a flagship abundance in Beverly Hills, California, afterwards this month, and a new Miami area afterward anon afterwards in September, all of which will in fact backpack with adventurous faced names on the coursing for attenuate goods. “We don’t in fact accommodation to celebrities the cheap replica handbags, we advertise to to celebrities,” said Weisser. “They wish accepting no one abroad can have, and they can never be gifted. They are acute shoppers and are accommodating to acquirement the a lot of coveted items.”

The investment potential of a Chanel handbag

If you were looking for an excuse to splurge on a new Replica Chanel handbag, we’re about to give you one. According to a new study, the classic Chanel bag has increased in value by 70 per cent in the last six years alone; this looks set to continue for 2016.


Baghunter revealed that the classic 2.55 bag has only ever increased in price since it was first released in February 1955. The style first went on sale for $220 (about £150) and will now set you back $4,900 (almost £3,500). The study confirmed that this makes a Chanel Replica handbag a more sound investment than property in the United States.


Luckily, the study also revealed that this trend can be seen across the board for Cheap Fake Chanel handbags, so whichever Chanel tote you have your eye on, it is likely to be a solid investment.

This 100-pound of stone-carved hermes Birkin backpack is still cheaper than the absolute one

Barbara Segal’s handbags are so heavy, they would accord any chiropractor a fit.

“You can’t backpack them around,” the Yonkers artisan says, “but so abounding women with Birkins just beam at [their bags].

“They’ll say, ‘My replica bag is a plan of art.’ Mine, too!”

hermes birkin-1
Segal next focused on accoutrements — aboriginal Chanel’s checky classics, again Hermès’ iconic totes.

Segal carves her 100-pound versions of the Birkin — the iconic Hermès tote — out of bedrock like orange calcite. “[Stone] transforms it into an about religious account of worship,” she says. “It’s axis [the Birkin] into a actual relic.”

Segal, a alum of Pratt, got her alpha authoritative artefact models for Avon Cosmetics in the 1980s. “I abstruse how to do [perfume] bottles with absurd precision, to a thousandth of an inch,” she says. “One day, I thought, ‘I bet I could accomplish a striped shirt out of stone.’ ”

Her better challenge? Authenticity. Thanks to Hermès’ awfully ambiguous Birkin policies, Segal couldn’t acquisition a bag, abundant beneath allow one. “They won’t even let you authority one in the store!” she exclaims. “Fortunately, the Internet is an amazing place,” she says, citation, a secondhand marketplace, as a trusted antecedent for Birkin ambit and high-resolution photos.

Her “bags” are accurate to admeasurement and buck bright detailing, including the cachet tote’s signature covering folds, bound bond and even the lock  — which she carves from the aforementioned bedrock as the replica chanel bags, again paints in brownish shades.

Segal acquires actual from quarries all over the apple — from the Grand Canyon arena to Iran — and uses acceptable abstraction tools, including chisels and bedrock cutters. A bag about takes her three months to finish.

After she started tagging her Birkins on Instagram, galleries common offered their services. Among them is Krause Gallery on the Lower East Side, which will affectation her “Black Candy” bag from Sept. 7 through Oct. 5 as allotment of its “Emerging to Established” accumulation show.


Segal’s works run from $45,000 to $65,000 — a ample sum, but a absolute Birkin afresh awash for added than $300,000 at Christie’s. (Bought new from Hermès, the accoutrements reportedly go from $12,000 to added than $200,000, depending on abstracts and customization.)

The appearance industry’s been biting. “I awash a Chanel Replica section to anyone who works at Chanel,” Segal, a assistant at the School of Visual Arts, confirms.

She even created a 3-foot-tall Chanel bag, from white Utah marble, that weighs a accurate ton. “Moving it from my flat was a above ordeal,” she says. “It took four men.”

As for her art accoutrements aggravating to back any bulletin about consumerism, Segal demurs. “I’m not aggravating to say if it’s acceptable or bad — they’re . . . beautiful!”

Willow Smith Slays Her New Chanel Attack

Willow Smith’s long-awaited admission attack with Replica Chanel is assuredly here. The starlet stuns in black-and-white photos attempt by Karl Lagerfeld. The artistic administrator of Chanel best Willow to be an agent for the cast afterwards she abounding his fall-winter ’16 ready-to-wear show.


Chanel issued a statement, calling the new brood “a able artist, writer-composer-singer, and actress,” and “the apotheosis of her generation’s spirit.”


Willow afresh appeared in addition photo advance for the awning of Interview magazine, in which she’s interviewed by Pharrell Williams. While this is her admission attack with Chanel Replica Handbags, she’s no clay rookie: afterwards signing with The Society Management in NYC and Elite in Paris, she starred in Marc Jacob’s fall-winter attack endure year.

Check out her aboriginal attack video for Chanel, below.



Let the chanel replica bag change your style

The Haute Couture autumn/winter 16/17 shows draw to a abutting today, and they accept not disappointed, bringing with them the accepted bubbling adornment and adorable sets. Off the catwalk, we’ve been alert to the avenues and rues too, area the appearance afflatus has been just as replica

Street appearance has accustomed itself as a appearance anniversary comedy in its own right. But as able-bodied as cloudburst over the models in their glossy AF off-duty appearance and sleekly-attired appearance editors, the haute couture show-goers accommodate aspirational dress codes on a accomplished added level.

Arriving in a amplitude limo and a alias of Chanel No.5, they balance beyond the rues, air-kissing their way to the foreground row. This season, ballgowns are adequate at a 10am show, while bathrobe gowns are aprés boum appropriate. It accoutrements are mini, but the sleeves they beat off accept been pumped up to the max.

Read on for all the haute appearance acquaint we learnt this season chanel replica

1. Shrink your bag, supersize your clothes

chanel replica
chanel replica

2. Chuck a accidental anorak over a couture dress on Fridays

3. Ditch your neckscarf and nonchalantly bend on a men’s tie insteadchanel replica

4. Wearing your nightwear alfresco is no best low countenance (as continued as its authentic cottony or costly velvet)

chanel replica
chanel replica

The Chanel replica Handbags You Won’t Regret Investing In

chanel replica
chanel replica

We generally allocution about ‘investment pieces’, the things that will allegedly see you through a lifetime of apparel crises.

Nowhere is this added accurate than if it comes to a handbag. A acceptable one absolutely can endure you forever, and even become a admired antique afterwards you’re gone (sorry, bit morbid).
Chanel replica
Here, we annular up the accoutrements that are absolutely account pumping your hard-earned, hard-saved money into…

Ever back Phoebe Philo took the reigns at French appearance abode Celine in 2008, the cast has become a adage for what’s hot now.

Philo and Celine’s above arch of accessories Johnny Coca – now artistic administrator at Mulberry – created a deluge of burning ‘it bags’, but none added so than the beautifully minimalistic Box Bag.
Chanel replica
It debuted in 2011 and is an amend on a much-loved bag from the Celine archives. The a lot of notable changes from the aboriginal are the clasp, a simple ellipsoidal gold brooch replaces the horse-and-carriage metal brooch that represented the brand’s above logo, and the accessory has been lengthened.

The absolute admeasurement for an accustomed bag, it fits all your essentials and can be beat cross-body, as a clamp or as a accept bag.


Meet the ultimate investment bag.

Not to be abashed with the brand’s 2.55 bag, the iconic bag advised by Coco Chanel in February 1955 (the after name denotes the ages and year of its creation). In fact, the Classic Accessory is Chanel’s accepted Artistic Administrator Karl Lagefeld’s abreast yield on Coco’s aboriginal 2.55, but has become just as, if not more, iconic as its predecessor.

What are the differences? The Classic Accessory has the iconic alternation CCs brooch and alternation band abstruse with leather, while the 2.55 has a ellipsoidal ‘Mademoiselle’ brooch and all metal strap.

Available in four sizes – small, medium/large, colossal and best – affairs the Classic Accessory is one of the a lot of reliable investments you could make. Proof? letters that back 2010 the amount of the bag has added by an absurd 70 per cent.
Chanel replica

2016 the popular bag for womens

img-thing (1)

Una variante della splendida borsa chanel replica molto amata dalle brilliant è quella in Questo modello dal affection esotico ed estremamente lussuoso è uno dei preferiti di che lo indossa spesso per i suoi attending da tutti i giorni. La regina del pop latino ha scelto la sua Birkin in un caldo blush caramello.La meravigliosa attrice indossa spesso la sua in grigio scuro, estremamente able e perfetta da abbinare a qualsiasi outfit, compresi quelli più casual. Il fascino della it bag è proprio questo: risulta impeccabile inserita in qualunque replica

Le rientrano senza dubbio tra gli accessori più rinomati e lussuosi di sempre. Sono tante le e sui suoi modelli cult, primi su tutti la famosissima e la entrambe ispirate a due icone di femminilità indiscusse, Jane Birkin eGrace Kelly. chanel replica Un altro dei modelli più amati dalle celebrities è la Evelyne bag,chanel replica molto ampia e capiente con la H di Hermès traforata sulla parte anteriore. Alanis Morissette è una grande sostenitrice di questo modello e lo abbina spesso ai suoi attending replicLa è sicuramente la borsa della maison francese più conosciuta e famosa. Questa it bag prende il suo nome dachanel replica (presidente della maison) affiance la realizzazione di una borsa che arroyo allo stesso bounce elegante e capiente dopo un viaggio fatto insieme in aereo. La chanel replica declinata in tantissimi colori differenti e tante tipologie di pellame dal brand, è la borsa preferita di chanel replica
chanel replica
chanel replica

5 things to consider before splurging on a replica chanel bag

replica chanel
replica chanel

In Singapore it’s about commonplace to see humans accretion their Chanel bag or added adorned artist accoutrements wherever they may be, whether on the awash MRT during aiguille hours or in a adorned schmancy adventurous restaurant with their cogent others. replica chanel I am alone 24 years old but I apperceive aeon my age who splurge on artist accoutrements beginning out of university if our banking continuing isn’t even that great; one being I apperceive even brought her massive bays to a tutorial chic if we were still in school, just because!

If you’re dabbling with the abstraction of owning your aboriginal anytime Chanel bag (Chanel 2.55 is apparently the alone one I like and it costs about replica chanel or any added accoutrements that yield to your adorned as you acutely accept a apple of options out there, we at acerb advance that you anticipate things through and accede these 5 things afore authoritative the splurge!


1. Can you allow it?

chanel replica
chanel replica

Really, be honest with yourself. Can you actually allow a artist bag after borrowing on acclaim and still accomplish the absurd acquirement comfortably? If I say adequate I’m apropos to active your activity commonly after scrimping and/or compromising your affairs for the next 2 years or so?chanel replica

I don’t apperceive about you, but I apperceive I wouldn’t accept the adventurousness to even anticipate about accepting a artist bag unless I was actually in adulation with the bag and I had the agency to acquirement it after resorting to credit. Simply put, I accept to be accommodating and actually able to pay for the bag after accepting myself in debt. It’s addition adventure if I accept the agency to pay aback the bulk due on my acclaim card chanel replica

Call me ancient or whatever you want, but I don’t accept in borrowing just to buy a adorned bag because a artist bag is added of a wish than a need.

chanel replica
chanel replica

2016 Latest Chanel’s Flap Replica Bag



Team ChanelBagsStore are self-confessed fangirls of all things Replica Chanel – once upon a time, the only quilt we ever loved was the one in our bedroom. That is, until the 2.55 hit the shelves. Chanel’s new flap replica bag for 2016 shows the iconic pattern is going nowhere (it was even the makeup inspo for Chanel’s latest show at Paris Fashion Week) and we love it.

Available in ivory in soft calfskin leather, the new edition features a new eye-catching top handle, and keeps all the classic elements of the replica flap bag: there’s the vintage ‘CC’ silver clasp; slick shoulder chain; a size that holds everyday necessities without breaking your shoulders. Priced at $120, it isn’t the most economical bag out there, but it is Chanel Replica Handbags after all.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Newest Chanel Replica Bag Looks Like A Hula-Hoop

Chanel is known for fantastic accessories. Whether it’s the iconic 2.55 bag that is now more expensive than a small car, or shoes adorned with faux stalagmites, Karl Lagerfeld knows his ladies love their accessoires. So when he sent models down the Chanel spring 2013 runway this Monday (we’re late to the game due to our awesome relaunch!) wearing replica bags with handles that looked like hula hoops, we can only guess how many members of the audience were mentally placing their orders. Our money is on Lady Gaga carrying that bag shortly, and of course, over-the-top Vogue Nippon editor Anna Dello Russo will probably make a video where she literally hula hoops with the bag.

A model walks the runway during the Chanel Spring / Summer 2013 show as part of Paris Fashion Week at Grand Palais on October 2, 2012 in Paris, France.

But it does have us wondering: Who will actually purchase the latest replica Chanel handbag? Can you imagine entering a crowded subway train with a bag whose diameter is larger than your average, umm, car tire? Mon dieu, the dirty looks would be endless (though we suppose that anyone willing to shell out the big bucks for such an extravagant bag isn’t taking public transportation).

What do you think? Would you pay good money for the latest Chanel replica bags?